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In some of the most beautiful countries in the world, people often suffer debilitating illness and injuries because of inadequate access to healthcare and simple medical supplies.

Assisting and Aiding Pacific Nations

Vivere is a New Zealand charity that is committed to aiding pacific nations, through improving community and emergency based healthcare.

About Vivere

Samoan Fale

Medical care in the pacific region is often over worked and under resourced.

It can be a struggle for business and organisations to survive. This is due to a combination of complications including the availability of simple medical supplies, public awareness of community and pre-hospital medical care, and the need to increase the availability of training for both people in the community, and existing medical professionals.

In the pacific region, 75% of deaths are due to noncommunicable diseases.

Vivere's Founders Byron and Celeita

Vivere’s founding trustees (Left) Celeita Chippindale and (Right) Byron Williams. Photo taken by the Cook Straight News in preparation of Vivere’s June 2013 trip to Samoa.

Pacific countries often rely on support for medical supplies, education and assets from countries like New Zealand, Australia and Japan. This reliance can limit the availability of the most basic supplies, with some organisations running out of bandages, gloves and other everyday use items. In addition to this, there is equipment that is not fully functional, due to small, low value parts being unavailable.

Vivere is a New Zealand registered charitable trust that was set up in early 2012 by Byron Williams and Celeita Chippindale after discovering a large need for additional development of community healthcare in the pacific islands. Byron and Celeita have been joined by Dr Rosy Fenwicke and together they are the trustees for Vivere. The trustees all volunteer their time to Vivere in efforts to improve community healthcare in the pacific region.

Vivere is committed to providing assistance in the provision and development of community based medical care in the pacific region.

Vivere’s vision is to assist with community healthcare in the pacific region.

Vivere’s work is delivered though programs that aim to enhance the quality of sustainable healthcare in the pacific region. This is done in collaboration with existing organisations and agencies, with a focus on making sure the most appropriate assistance reaches the communities that need it.

All donations received go directly towards Vivere’s projects.

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It is through these collaborating efforts that Vivere’s vision will be delivered.


If you have any questions about Vivere or its Vision please feel free to contact us.