CPR Training

CPR Training Provided in Samoa by Vivere


Vivere’s Projects

Vivere is working through a series of projects to assist with increasing the availability of healthcare and health awareness in the pacific region

Did You Know?

In some of the most beautiful countries in the world, people often suffer debilitating illness and injuries because of inadequate access to healthcare and simple medical supplies.

Assisting and Aiding Pacific Nations

Vivere is a New Zealand charity that is committed to aiding pacific nations, through improving community and emergency based healthcare.

Vivere’s New Web Site is LIVE

Vivere’s new web site with more information on is now live so please feel free to have a look around. This new site will enable us to showcase the work we have been doing, as well as providing better information about the work we are doing.  Plus this new site is able to be view…

Vivere Trains Emergency Responders

In June 2013 Vivere successfully taught 24 Emergency Responders in Samoa the basic’s of Ambulance skills. June 2013 was a big month for the trustees of the Vivere New Zealand Trust.  Vivere traveled to Samoa to meet with the management team of and train the Samoan Fire and Emergency Service Authority staff in basic pre…