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In some of the most beautiful countries in the world, people often suffer debilitating illness and injuries because of inadequate access to healthcare and simple medical supplies.

Assisting and Aiding Pacific Nations

Vivere is a New Zealand charity that is committed to aiding pacific nations, through improving community and emergency based healthcare.

In June 2013 Vivere successfully taught 24 Emergency Responders in Samoa the basic’s of Ambulance skills.

June 2013 was a big month for the trustees of the Vivere New Zealand Trust.  Vivere traveled to Samoa to meet with the management team of and train the Samoan Fire and Emergency Service Authority staff in basic pre hospital medical care.  A total of 24 staff participated in the ambulance development course, this course covered patient assessment techniques, airway management, how to check blood sugar levels and CPR amongst other things.  The ambulance responders who completed this course were very proud of the work they do and how they help and assist their community, this was extremely obvious to the trustees of Vivere, and having this enthusiasm from the staff makes the assistance we do more worthwhile, furthermore the staff were extremely keen to learn and develop their knowledge so they can better assist their own community.

During Vivere’s time in Samoa we were also extremely privileged to speak people who had seen all aspects of the Samoan healthcare system and thus were able to willing share there knowledge with Vivere.  This knowledge was essential to help Vivere understand the way and the workings of the Samoan healthcare and emergency systems

All of this training and information gathering will help the public of Samoa receive more timely and appropriate care when they call the ambulance. Vivere also delivered over 200kg of donated medical goods, all of which were greatly received  by SFESA.  These goods allows the staff to better diagnose and treat patients that they treat, additionally the goods now allow the staff access to wet weather jackets that are designed specifically for the ambulance and emergency environment.

Amongst all of this busyness, Vivere also had several discussions regarding what the next step is for the fire authority and how Vivere will assist them with the end goal of self -sustainability.  These discussions were very productive, and we think it would be fair to say this first training trip to Samoa is only the beginning of the training that the ambulance response officers will receive.

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